Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone propionate cycles take a shorter period to take effect when compared to the cypionate and enanthate. It takes a maximum of 2 days for athletes to experience increased energy during training session, better performance when conducting certain exercises, slight gains in strength and increased appetite. There is a minor setback since propionate causes athletes to take lesser amounts of water and noticeably a lower retention occurs.

How much test propionate to take depends on the treatment program. An injection of 50 to 100 mg is recommended before starting your testosterone enathate steroid treatment after the two-day period. However, athletes can take testosterone enathate injection of 250mg together with 50 mg Testosterone propionate injection to avoid waiting for the two-day period. A second 50 mg injection is recommended two days following the first injection. No further injections will be required since the enathate effect will be present in the body. The presence of depot testo causes the athlete to reach and maintain high testosterone levels at a faster rate and for longer durations. Athletes gain some pounds during the six-week Anadro treatment; therefore, this treatment provides the best solution since the body reaches higher testosterone levels at a faster rate.

Alternatively the athlete can take Testosterone propionate injections after every two days for the entire treatment period. A daily dosage of Dianabol 30 mg followed by Testosterone propionate injections of 100 mg and Winstrol Depot injection of 5 p mg after every two days is the best combination for building muscles. An appropriate diet helps in the development and maintenance of the muscle composition at the highest mass and density levels the body can achieve. Propionate elevates this process by reducing your bodys water retention capacity at this stage. Other combinations with propionate help build quality muscles.

Women can also use propionate; this requires a different interval of 5-7 days. Propionate is also best used before competitions to achieve remarkable results. Athough, Propionate, testosterone enathate and cypionate side effects are similar, they occur less frequently when using propionate. The most common is increased libido in both men and women.

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